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Christian faith clear and concise


‘The most understandable presentation of Christian faith I have ever seen.’

‘Really like it!! Well done!’

‘This stuff is really great!’

‘I have listened to them several times and consider them to be worth a year's worth of Bible School – and more.’

‘I admire your systematic and comprehensive approach to online evangelism. All of these resources are social media ready for sharing and broadcast.’

‘Great stuff!! I use it for my school.’

‘This is the best explanation of Bible truths I have ever experienced!  I share it with others.’

‘Oh! Your website is great.’

‘The stuff I found on your website is excellent information to aid our younger members in the art of witnessing and just talking to people about faith and Christianity in general. It is definitely a power tool to use.’

‘I have been searching for a way to help others get to know God without fear of labeling to a specific religion, and now I found it in FaithExplorer.’

‘How exciting to know a site like this exists! Praise God!’

‘Brilliant. Well presented and concise ... really, really good. Thank you!’

‘While surfing the Internet last night for Bible studies, I came across your site. I only have three things to say, Awesome! Awesome and Awesome!!!!!!’

‘This is an awesome tool and thank you for providing this site. These basic principles are much needed to be explained in simple terms.’

'The guy I’m mentoring/discipling will go bananas when he sees what’s here because all the dots he wants to connect are connected right here.'

‘One word - AWESOME!’

‘Wow! You've done fantastic work! Thank you.’

‘Love you guys for what you are doing.’


‘Well done! I commend you and appreciate your efforts. I am the pastor and will be passing it on to others and adding a link to our website.’

‘This is a great way to minister in a new church being planted …'

I am the outreach minister ... how exciting to know a site like this exists!’

‘Thanks for your efforts to explain Christianity in a way that is understandable, clear and honest. We use your materials for group discussion in our church, as a way for believers and non-believers to better understand who God is and what he did for us thru his son Jesus Christ.’

‘Our group has found this series amazing, thought provoking and most enjoyable. It has open up many in church to research and find answers to many questions they have had about faith in general. Blessings for all the good work you do in spreading the Gospel of Christ.’

‘Your materials are of such excellent quality that we have started using them in our church during our weekly Bible Study, and also as a gift to visitors to our church. Would you allow us to post an electronic copy (PDF) on our website?’

‘I'm adding your URL to our church website.’


‘... love this for our teen group. FaithExplorer is full of great questions that others are uncomfortable asking and answering.’ ‘I just found this amazing and helpful site to use this with my youth group.’

‘I will be going to Sri Lanka and will use FaithExplorer course teaching youth in that country.’

‘I just want to say this is the best information I have come across for what I need. I Googled themes and activities for teens and came across this site. It is right on time, not confusing and very easy to understand. I love it!’

‘I have been so amazed ... love the Bible study for my teens group.’

‘I'm a HS Science/Math teacher at a Navajo Reservation in Arizona ... I've been streaming the videos and printing out the PDFs every week.’

‘I am a youth director of a Korean-American church and recently our youth kids have been questioning many things regarding their faith in God. I was looking for some sources and found your website. They are great resources to share.’

‘Wow! ... use in my FCA club at the high school as I am the FCA sponsor.’

‘I'm youth director ... Our youth kids are questioning many things regarding the faith they have in God. I was looking for some sources and found your website ... awesome ... great resources to share.’

‘I use FaithExplorer to teach a youth Bible class and parents listen in as well. This is helpful to bring people to Christ.’

‘These resources get and keep the interest of our young people.’

‘We have a number of youth who were christened as babies but have not become professing members. I have been trying to find a way to make sure they are reading and understanding the Bible. These videos are exactly what we need.’

‘I am part of a ministry that does a weekly Bible study in a facility for incarcerated youth felons. They learn better from your videos, and then we discuss what they have seen.’

‘Thank you for making this great teaching tool available. Today's youth truly need to get a better understanding of the Bible in order to get a full understanding of their spiritual inheritance, which can help them change the world around them.’

‘FaithExplorer provides clear explanation for questions that teen students want to know but hesitate to ask verbally during Bible study.’


‘Very well done, neatly organized and without denominational influence. Perfect to introduce Christianity to someone, and I just used it for this purpose with a friend of mine.’

‘I am using it for starting a small group at a local coffee shop for people who are not churched and we are calling it Conversations.’

‘Praise the Lord! This is the first time discovering this great achievement and wonderful tool of evangelism which I recommend to all my friends and ministers.’

‘I'm on staff of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru). I really like your website! Well done!’

‘... what I've been looking for to train people in the basics of faith and evangelism for our church.’

‘Just a short note – I took your study into the jail tonight and the guys really enjoyed it. Lord Bless and keep up the GREAT work.’

‘I plan on using the lessons in Nicaragua during my mission trip there.’

‘I plan on sharing this information with a friend who is considering converting to the Muslim religion and has basic misunderstandings about Christianity.’


‘Our Bible study has grown from 30 people to over 85 people in the last few weeks using your materials.’

‘I plan on having several home Bible Studies with people who are constantly asking me questions about what I believe and are asking themselves questions about what they believe and why they are here and what the purpose of life means to them. I have been searching for a non-complicated study aid to help me show or teach about the Truth and am very excited to have come across this series!!! Thank you!!’

‘I use this for my Bible study class at a nonprofit agency that helps individuals recovering from addictions. This is the best explanation of Bible truths that I have ever experienced!’

‘I took your study into the jail tonight and the guys really enjoyed it. Lord Bless and keep up the GREAT work.’

‘I stumbled on your site, but it could not have been a better stumble ... My wife and I just moved into assisted living and they asked me to take over a Bible study group ... your material is extremely easy to make fit for this group so they can follow and understand.’

‘Your material is awesome! We have used it for our small groups for over two years with great results. We are currently building a website for our ministry and would like to include a link to your site with your permission.’


‘Reading this information has removed my doubts.’

‘I have been ministering to my immediate family (mom, dad, two brothers and their wives) ... none has a personal relationship with Christ. They have many questions. Now my family has agreed to join me in my home for this Bible study.’

‘I'm using FaithExplorer for my teenage son and daughter and three of their friends. I'm so excited to see what God is doing in their lives through this study.’

‘My wife is going to the Philippines and will use this to share the Good News with her sister who has terminal Cancer.’

‘Reading your materials has given me great comfort and peace. Now I share it with family members.’

‘Praise be to God that I came across this website!’

‘Thanks a million. I need this!’

‘It's super seriously. All lessons useful in my spiritual life. Thank u lot lot lot lot.’

‘Thanks for explaining Christianity in a way that is understandable, clear and honest.’

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