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‘Very nice for learning and very easy to understand.’  – Tamil Nadu, India

‘I am from Odisha, India. I am an evangelist ... I delivered radio messages for 12 years (every day). I have been always in search of the best and most comprehensible presentation of our faith for the non-Christians in my country. This morning quite accidentally I got your excellent program. It is the best and the most comprehensible presentation I ever saw. Heartily I praise God for your wonderful work which is so vivid and lucid.’  – email address only

‘It is an awesome work. Can we do translation in different Indian languages to spread it freely to 1.21 billions?’  – Kottayam, India

‘I will teach the freshers to give them a good beginning in their theological study! It is an awesome work!’  – Kerala, India

‘I'm 80 years old and have a preaching ministry in this town [Thane]. For long I've been looking for easy-to-explain Bible studies to use in our congregation. Today, I read your lesson the Trinity and it was a superb presentation.’  – Mharashtra, India

‘I read your website. It is a great resource to us as every Sunday I have been addressing the gathering of 110 church members.  – Andhra Pradesh, India

‘Thank you for FaithExplorer. It is  very generous and a beautiful way of Christian ministry. We are using the material in our church's Student's Bible class. We are a new and young church in the city of New Delhi, India, and I am pastor. Thank you so much from the depths of my heart. You have really blessed us.’  – New Delhi, India

‘We use your lessons for our church's Sunday School. I highly appreciate the wonderful work that you are doing. May the good Lord continue to bless your ministry and make you a greater blessing for the nations.’  – New Delhi, India

‘I was pleased to  discover your wonderful website while seeking information on the Bible ... I am sharing it with others."   – Himachal Pradesh, India

‘I am a part of a Muslim ministry here in Mumbai. This will be great resources to me and to my fellow brothers, it will not go in vain.’  – Maharashtra, India

‘I have been used by God to conduct short term Bible School in India, using your course materials.’  – Karnataka, India

‘We badly need these tools in villages where we don't find minimum resources. Your help is highly appreciated.’ – Andhra Predesh, India

‘I print out the lessons and give to the groups to study. Little later I want to translate these lessons into TAMIL and KANNADA languages for the use of many churches.'  – email address only

‘I am a muslim. I want to know more about Christianity.  – Malappuram, India

‘I am Pastor Raghavendra from India, Karnataka. I am in His ministry from last 13 years. Recently I read all the Bible study notes from your website . It is really blessed for me. I am thinking that why we not translate these notes for my own language and teach to my state, if you give me permission.’  – Karnataka, India

‘I visit your website and it is really wonderful and amazing work which you are doing.  I have studied your web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the true Word of God. I found that all your material is full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith. Living in Pakistan we Christians face many obstacles to get access to the Word of God.  – Pakistan

‘I was pleased to have discovered your wonderful website while seeking information on the Bible. I am adding this to my library so I can share with others, seeking to learn God's wonderful plan from the Bible.’  – Himachal Pradesh, India

‘I have DLP Projector and I screen them to select audiences like students, elders, church members and new believers. I go to village ministry also. I have a small prayer group of eight members, all retired from secular jobs. We assemble almost every day and spend in learning more about the word of God. These videos help us to grow in the LORD and also lead others to God.’  – Anantapuram, India

"I am an Italian living in Asia for about 30 years doing volunteer work. Thank you so much for the great job you are doing. I just discovered this site, and I think it is so simple and clear that should be translated in many languages.’  – email address only

‘Am came from Hindu family ... Am very much happy to see your website and the study materials ... its quite implosive, with clear data which you explained about Bible."  – Chennai, India

‘This is used throughout our church to disciple new believers.’ – Bengaluru, India


‘I am a gospel preacher in the church of Christ. While looking for more helping content for new website, I found your material. I am very grateful to all who have quietly made this all possible. It is amazing! Thanks so much. God be praised.’  – Ontario, Canada

‘I am on Ottawa's street sharing God's love and grace through Jesus Christ and use these tools to help me.’  – Ontario, Canada

‘I'm a pastor and share it at my church for an evangelism tool.’  – Alberta, Canada

‘We mainly do street evangelism in Calgary ... I would like to embed your material into our website. Could you please send me the codes and instructions to do this?’  – email address only

‘I am using FaithExplorer in teaching a class this year on effective and practical evangelism ... Many thanks!’  – Rothesay, Canada

‘For years I have been looking for good Christian material to be used in evangelism and found that a high percentage of Christian publications are directed for believers. Then I stumbled on your site, and I am very thankful. I am trying to evangelize a small community here in southeastern Manitoba, and your materials are a great help. I thank God for giving you a vision for this ministry, and expertise for doing a great job.’  – Manitoba, Canada

‘You are offering something no one else has come up with ... I am an Anglican who works out on the street with homeless, drug addicted, alcoholics, ex convicts and other people on the margins of our society.’  – Vancouver, Canada

‘I have some new Christians in my life, and I would like to use this series as Bible study in my home and use the video at the beginning and as the topic of each bi-weekly session.’  – Alberta, Canada


‘I was just surfing through some Christian literature when I stumbled across FaithExplorer. I listened to all your topics and my life was transformed. I didn't know what sin against the Holy Spirit was until now, yet I have been preaching the Lord's Gospel since 1998, but now I know. I am using these materials to teach the people of God in my local church and other gatherings of the saints.’  – Longford, Ireland

‘I use it to teach my teens class on Sundays.’  – Lanarkshire, Scotland

‘I am part of an organization that shares the gospel through the Internet. I found your site on the Internet, and I like the lessons and the way you made the videos. I would like if you give us the opportunity to have your lessons translated into Albanian.’  – email address only

‘I am using these lessons to help some friends of mine answer the questions they have, in a similar way to how your website has helped me find so many of my own answers.’  – Devon, England

‘I use FaithExplorer to help my family study group during our Bible studies and also to share with friends afterwards.’  – Lokeren, Belgium

‘I have seen and read your material in English. I wish to translate your same material into Yiddish, my first and native language ..."  – email address only

‘I happy today because I find yours website .. so good for me to learn something about God.” – email address only

‘I pastor a small church ... FaithExplorer helps in training our church leaders to evangelize and grow. This will stir people to continue in reaching our world.’  – Malta


‘Am glad for this great discoveries I found through your teaching on FaithExplorer pdf series. Already I have employed the teaching on it as part of our Bible school devotion hours studies. Thanks for the great things you SOME PEOPLE ARE doing with a nondenominational, exocentric and selfless focus.’  – Nigeria

‘I am pastor and asked many questions ... your materials help me answer those questions.’  – Kitale, Kenya

‘I have been reading all your writings and found that they are wonderful tools for my young converts among tribal groups as well as orphan young children in children's home.’  – email address only

‘It was by God's grace that I came across your website. We would really like to use all your precious resources with your kind permission in our Apologetics Ministry.’  – KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

‘I am a born again Christian and have been serving the Lord for 32 years. I am using your materials to help the youth of today and elderly people in my community.’  – Cape Town, South Africa

‘I am a Minister leading the Children Ministry at our local church. I use the studies so I can use it to teach and make the team am leading know more about God the Trinity and also have a clear explanation on the Christian faith.’  – Lusaka, Zambia

‘I am a teens Bible study leader ... your materials a great help.’ – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

‘It was by God's grace that I came across your website ... We use all your precious resources in our Apologetics Ministry.’  – Western Cape, South Africa

‘We have recently started a new congregation in Zimbabwe and this is part of our preaching and Bible studies. We are also planning to use this as part of our Bible study sessions at our local church here in Hartbeespoort"  – Hartbeespoort, South Africa

‘I am responsible for the training of our evangelists working among the indigenous black tribal Africans. It is in this field that I use this valuable tool.’  – Western Cape, South Africa

‘I was born and raised in a Muslim family. When I was a student in the National University of Rwanda, I happened to attend an evangelistic meeting for a couple of days. The idea of becoming a Christian started haunting me but finally it faded away because of what I saw in the church. When I was about to go back to Islam, fortunately for me I came across your website and I was stirred and uplifted by your online literature ... I am a secondary school teacher ... we have a course that deals with Values and Principles. For teaching that course, I am allowed to use any resources provided I do not stray from the context ... I want to be an evangelist to Muslims, so you understand that I need to be fully equipped spiritually in the matter so that people will receive the message. Some of my students and fellow teachers would like us to start a Bible Study Group. Your literature will build us up. Sad to say we don't have the internet on a daily basis. That's why your printed materials are of paramount importance for us. May God continue to bless you as you devote yourselves to minister to us though at a distance.’ – Rwanda

‘I heard a lot about this Bible study ... I got so inspired and so excited when I got your website.’ – Mamelodi, South Africa

‘I love reading your powerful teachings.’  – Nkhoma, Zambia

‘I like because I got so many good teachings about the word of God.’  – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

‘Thank you for your part in leading many people to Christ.’  – Ziway, Ethiopia

‘My heart is filled with gratefulness and much gratitude after viewing the wonderful work you have been doing by proclaiming the message of salvation.’  – Monrovia, Liberia

‘I must express my profound gratitude to FaithExplorer ... use for Sunday School, Bible Studies, New Believers Class, and training of church workers and ministers.’ – Port Harcourt, Nigeria


‘I use FaithExplorer for my family and my friends and I want to win everyone to Jesus Christ. This is a great blessing from you guys. The Lord truly works in amazing ways to deliver His plan of salvation to everyone. May the Lord Jesus bless the work of the hands who made this tool possible.’  – Luzon, Philippines

‘Being in charge of Christian education, I find this useful material in our Bible studies. We use it in six groups of Bible study in our church.’  – New South Wales, Australia

‘I will be sharing the videos with my family, as I found them very inspiring, listening to and reading through what was shared in the lessons that you taught. I'm sure this will answer a lot of questions still hanging around our minds that we sometimes feel awkward to ask.’   – Suva, Fiji Islands

‘I'm a youth ministry leader in Suriname. I use your program for discipleship training which includes equipping youth to do evangelism."  – R.B., Hoop Paramaribo, Suriname

"Wow! I am so happy to have found your resource!! I am a teacher in a church-based conversational English class, and I think this will help a lot."  – email address only

"We use your materials in the Bible study for my cell group in Saudi Arabia."  – Rizal, Philippines

‘I am very happy since I have great opportunity to avail of Bible lessons which you presented in FaithExplorer. You know that it is very useful in my church today.’  – Antique, Philippines

‘I use your materials as a missionary in the Philippines.’  – email address only

‘I share this with the youths, especially teens in the group, to get them to a clear and concise explanation of the Christian faith so they can be their own judge to their life and make changes if they need so, to get them to better understand the Godly way of living.’  – Port Vila, Vanuatu

‘I am pastor’s wife and a retired college faculty. I am having problem of how to evangelize and teach young people about God’s word. Now, God answers my prayer when I come across with your website. I am very grateful and happy that you have your online videos. These are very effective as tools for evangelism. I have also copied your hand-outs. Thank you so much. God bless you more.’  – Bacolod, Philippines


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Small group Bible studies

Neighborhood discussion

Coffee shop dialog

Campus ministries

Teen youth programs

Adult Sunday School classes

Church leadership training

Workplace discussion groups

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New believers

Church new member classes

Home schooling

Family dinner table talk

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