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Critical questions – hard questions – about God and the Bible

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a clear and concise explanation of

Christian faith for pass-along and discussion

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This site provides information you need to solidify your spiritual belief and to converse intelligently with others about the reasons for Christian faith.

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Bible study questions

Discussion questions

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Excellent for small group Bible study and discussion

Answers to questions people are asking today

• Why should the Bible have more authority than any other holy book, like the Koran or Hindu Vedas?


• Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, Jonah and the Whale ... can any intelligent person really believe those stories?


• How old is the world?


• Is there a Protestant Bible and a Catholic Bible? Many different kinds of Bibles today? How can anyone know what to believe?


• Will there be people in heaven who never even heard about Jesus or the Bible?


• Isn't faith just a crutch for people who are not critical thinkers, for people who just believe whatever their minister, family or friends tell them?


• Isn't sin relative to each person's time, place and situation?


• If God is all-powerful and wants us to be good, why didn't he just create us good in the first place?


• Is there a sin worse than murder, so bad it can't be forgiven? What is it?


• Listening to Christians, doesn't it sound like they have three Gods instead of one God? Isn't 'trinity' theological jargon that's impossible to comprehend?

• If God is love, how could he make us like this and then send someone to hell?


• If Jesus was dead for only three days, and then came alive to a better life, how could that be the ultimate sacrifice?


• Can bad people go to heaven? Can good people go to hell?


• Some people say God is fair ... but look around, can anyone really think he's fair?


• What is original sin? Predestination? Election?


• Isn't it arrogant for Christians to say that Jesus is the only way?


• How will God deal with the uninformed and misinformed? What about people who died but never heard?


• Do we lose our salvation when we sin?


• Of the hundreds of commandments in the Bible, which ones did Jesus say are the most important?


• What are sacraments? Are they just for Catholics, or do Protestants have them, too? How essential are they?


• What about all the hypocrites in the church? Doesn't that prove that much of what goes on in church is phony?



This is

             a clear and concise explanation of Christian faith for pass-along and discussion